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Towing Cost Confusion

It is very confusing to know what tow price is right for you. Here at Louie towing we will shed some light on this never ending dilemma. These prices set apply to the 5 bouroughs of New York City which we will be talking about. Ever wonder how tow companies arrived at a tow price for your request. Consumer affairs gave us a $125.00 hook up fee plus mileage additional (This is recognized as rates upon request). These fees depend on size of auto, weather conditions, week days or holidays, time of the day and problem of the auto being towed. Some vehicles are more complicated then others to connect and motor cycles takes the longest in securing with straps. So, yes prices will always vary also do to what type of tow truck you request like SLING, WHEEL LIFT OR FLATBED. Remember that the cheapest price is not always the best route. The tow company should be Licensed, Insured, Certified, Medallion and the truck should be in a decent mechanical condition to provide a safe tow. The driver should also have a proper level of expierence for some vehicles are classics or fragile. Don't be afraid to ask questions to the driver because an experience driver will never have any questions answering your questions. beware of new drivers and companies with no face or reviews. At Louie Towing reputation follows him like a shadow.

Thank you for spending your time with us and we hope we have helped you understand enough. Any other concerns you may have about towiing issues, You may contact Louie Towing inc at 718-877-0523 and I myself will do my best to guide you.

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