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Tow Company Towing Reviews 

  We are currently holding a 5 star rating           


Finding a quality and reliable towing company can be very tedious sometimes depending on what time and what company you are calling. The good news is that with louie Towing Brooklyn. We do not believe in leaving our customers stranded, no matter what time it is. 

On top of our outstanding professional towing services, we also offer 10% discounts for all towing jobs done for students, senior citizens, disabled persons, veterans and non profit organizations assisting the homeless. 


Louie Towing is a dependable tow company. When you make an appointment with Louie, he will be responsible to arrive on time. This company is dependable and trustworthy.  With close to 100 reviews from Google plus you can easly decide for yourself based on what other customers remarks that Louie Towing is ahead of his class. You can also find me in facebook, yelp, Angies list and please follow us on twitter especially if you enjoy short poems. 




                                                                                                            Thank you for choosing us.







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